bubble party

June 26, 2011

as i mentioned in this previous post
my son loves the new show "bubble guppies"
so for his second birthday party,
i used that as my inspiration.
pretty much it turned into a BUBBLE party!
unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate
and it was cool and misty.
the kids didn't seem to mind,
but my camera did so the pictures aren't great.

the colors scheme was orange, teal, light blue and navy
{and some lime green thrown it there too.}

 {the invitation was rolled up inside the bubble container}

the cake
{tip: i use this glass cake stand for most parties,
but i attach a ribbon the coordinates with each party.}
i made bubbles by rolling fondant into different size balls.
then i used wilton shimmer dust to make them iridescent.
i mostly used the pearl, but mixed in a little blue now and then.

the details
 welcome sign
 food:  everything was a circle shape
fruit bubbles, donut bubbles, chocolate banana bubbles,
cheesy biscuit bubbles, pizza bubbles, "pop"corn
 food labels
 bubble garland
i made this by cutting circles (2 inch with cricut)
out of different colors of vellum.
next i strung the "bubbles" using a needle and fish line.
to help them hang,
i added a small bead to the end.
 jello cups with bubble guppies cupcake toppers
i had to have these straws!
i bought them from polka dot market
i added the name flags to help kids keep track of their cups.
i loved these plates/napkins (i can't get the picture to flip)
they are from hobby lobby.
 juice box labels
{write the kids names in the bracket-
another way to keep track of unfinished drinks}
this great idea came from "living locurto" 
it was a big hit with all the kids!
especially the birthday boy!

the activities
bubble painting
{mix dishsoap, water and food coloring}
making huge bubbles with a baby pool and a hula hoop
1 1/2 quarts of water
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 cup liquid dish soap
 i guess these wands worked way better than the normal plastic ones.
they are just pipe cleaners
i saw this great idea on pinterest.
just make sure the kids know it's bubbles, not water!!!
 i took all the bubble paintings and "framed" them
with paper frames that i cut on the cricut.
then used them as a backdrop for pictures of each kid.

 i used clear acrylic "ornaments" and filled them with treats.
sticking with the circle theme,
i used sour fruit chews, skittles and trix (trying to limit the candy)
 {my original idea was to use large ornaments and have the tag
inside with some small prizes.
but the craft store did not have enough big ones,
so i ended up doing all different sizes.
the smaller ones had the tag attached with the ribbon.}
they also got these great big bubble wands
(from dollar bin at target and dollar tree)
{bubble mishap}
the shirt is from my personalized tshirt
i have ordered a few shirts from her and she was very accommodating-
especially because i ordered something custom at the last minute!
for more bubble party ideas and links,
check me out on 

would you like to recreate this party with
DIY printables??
check out


  1. Oh my gosh! If I had a little one I would totally steal this idea! SO CUTE! I am your newest follower and would love it if you followed me back! Have a great day!


  3. SO fun! I love the details like the bubble art and the bubble solution station. What a blessed little 2 year old! I shared your beautiful party on my Friday Favorites today. Thank you for all the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My daughter loves Bubble Guppies too. Every detail of your party looks amazing!

  5. The fondant bubbkes look like pearls- how fun! Thanks for linking to WorkShop Wednesday! Hope to see you this week!

  6. What a great party!Your ideas were great!

  7. This is GREAT! So much attention to detail. What a great party! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree Creations!

  8. LOVE THIS!!! We have a bubble party planned for Sept. Did you do the printables?

  9. What a great party!
    I love all of your details..especially the ornaments filled with treats!!

  10. I would love to know where you found the invitations! I am planning a bubble guppies party for my Two year old. He can't get enough of them! Thanks!!!!!

  11. njefcoat--i make the invites!

    contact me through my etsy shop if you are interested:


  12. I am just blown away by your parties!! You are so creative!! WAY TO GO! I'm a teacher and do an under the sea theme in my classroom and would LOVE to know the name of the font you used for this party package.

    1. thank you so much! the font with the bubbles is called "cocktail bubbly".

  13. Love the invites! What program did you use to make the actual invitation? I am looking to make my own as well.

  14. thanks! i use adobe illustrator for all my designs.

  15. I hope you don't mind me stealing some of your ideas! I absolutely love it! My son is turning two in a few months, and his favorite show is "Bubble Guppies" as well. Your designs were spot on!

  16. I hope you don't mind me stealing some of your ideas! I absolutely love it! My son is turning two in a few months, and his favorite show is "Bubble Guppies" as well. Your designs were spot on!

  17. OMG my little girl is turning 2 in a few months, and her favorite show, since she was about 11 months, is Bubble guppies! I am definitely going to have to steal a few of your ideas! Thanks so much!!!

  18. what was the water to soap ratio for the colored bubble artwork?


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