the cat in the hat

June 14, 2011

i just designed these cat in the hat invitations.
i am so proud of how they turned out!
i LOVE the colors.
i did them for a friend, so we agreed that i would design and
print the invite and she would do all the work
cutting the hats and putting them together.

 i sent her a template for this hat.
there is a slit cut for the invite to slide out.
on the back there is a strip of paper holding
the invite in place.

 we saw another invite online that had pics
of the birthday boy with a "cat in the hat" hat
and loved the idea.
she also wanted to include pictures from liam's 1st year.
isn't he the cutest?!
the envelopes were too perfect to pass up!
you can order them at
i love the way the address labels look against the blue!
i also created the sticker that was on the front of the hat
to coordinate with the return address portion
of the label.

for more cat in the hat party ideas visit me on pinterest!


  1. Love it! What a cute idea, and I bet the party will be fabulous!
    ~*Jessica Lauren @

  2. That is going to be one cute party judgin by the invite!

  3. Would you be interested in making these for me? Or, can you tell me how to make them? If you can make them, how much would you charge? I have twin boys turning 1 in January.
    Thanks! Jackie