goldfish {cracker} party

for my niece's 2nd birthday, her mom thought the perfect
party would be themed around her favorite snack...
goldfish crackers.
it helped that my sister loves the color combo of orange and aqua!
i thought we could do a fish theme, but make the fish look like the cracker version.
i wanted the printables to have  a clean, modern feel.
the invite is simple, but adorable.

 orange lanterns with tails and large google eyes

{how cute would these be for preschool snack-
along with little packs of goldfish crackers}

cute straw flags available for instant download
the main attraction was the "bait shop" 
{get the sign here}
we filled her grocery play stand with different flavors of goldfish crackers.
it was a hit with the 2 year old crowd (who could walk up, grab and go)
as well as the adults!
i made little "fishbowl" goodie bags using my cricut  {no i am not selling these, sorry!}
and added the coordinating favor tag - this i do sell ;)
we also handed out bubbles with coordinating wraps

if you are interested in these printables,
they are available for instant download

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hockey party

my son is THE biggest hockey fan.
he LOVES the chicago blackhawks.
so for his 5th birthday he had to have a hockey themed birthday party.
i wanted to have hockey pucks be the invitations, so i designed these small circular invites to
fit right on a hockey puck.  we hand delivered most, but the ones that had to be mailed we
put in small mailing envelopes.
his party logo was designed to imitate the blackhawks' logo but with a "5".
the main food table was a concession stand, but i still wanted a decorated dessert table
with backdrop.  i used red wrapping paper around the cake table.  i also attached black wrapping paper with white duct tape stripes for the bottom portion. 
i bought mini hockey sticks at 5 below and spray painted them black.

the printable package i will offer in my shop will have the generic hockey player images
and can be customized to your team colors.
i frosted the cake to look like a puck and added our logo.
the "hockey pucks" are oreos that we gave as part of the favors.
amazing cookies decorated by natsweets
who is my favorite cookie lady.
she always surprises me with her incredible talent.
 we set up a concession stand with all the party food.
our porch is perfect for serving food concession stand style!
we bought a hot dog roller which was so fun and i plan on using at lots of parties.
the popcorn machine was borrowed.
other concessions included chips, applesauce, hot pretzels, twizzlers, gatorade and suckers.

 concession signs i designed and had printed on foam core.
 chip bags from tomkat studio
decorated with my printable 3 inch circles
 3 inch circles punched out and hot glued to applesauce cups
 coordinating printable gatorade wraps
aren't these suckers perfect?!  they are lollipics.
you can upload any picture or design and they print it right on the sucker!
very cool!  any of my circular designs can be put on their suckers - 
just request a lollipics sized image.
 i hung the pretzels on a coffee mug tree which worked so well.
plain black cups become party goods when we add 2 inch circles printed on sticker paper.
straw flags/name labels for cups
for the printable version, you can write names on the straw flags.
it's a great way to keep track of whose drink is whose.

cute dress made by my sister vintage bebe props
we took a white tarp and made it look like a hockey rink with dollar store duct tape.
i bought the inflatable hockey sticks at party city.
the boys absolutely loved this game.  if it was hot we planned on running a hose over the tarp,
but it was cooler and they had so much fun without water.
 when i saw this plastic table cloth and puck "frisbees" at party city,  this game
just came to me.  i covered a small folding table with the table cloth and used dollar store
nets as goals.  the kids shot their pucks across the table until they got them into the goals.
we kept a large bucket of water next to the table for easy fill ups.

i made this goalie out of some old plywood we had.
i used a projector to trace the goalie from the printables and painted it.
my sister helped me cut the holes and make the frame because she has the fancy tools.
 party city has a line of NHL party goods.  my son is obsessed with goalies, so we had
to have the goalie masks.  we also gave out cookies and crazy straws (straws also from party city)
 i put mini black and red gumballs (party city) in 1 x 8 cellophane bags from 
BlueMooseBoutique and stapled my printable favor tag to the end.  aren't they the cutest?!
also oreo cookies with the bag topper from my printable collection.
my niece enjoying a lollipics sucker in her cute bonnet from vintage bebe props
future goalies

the printable package will be available
in any team colors.
stop by 
and if the listing is not up yet
request a custom listing and mention you saw this post.

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do you want to build a snowman?

if you have kids,
you no doubt have the songs from frozen running through your head
as you pick up toys, drive through town and most often,
as you go to sleep at night.
as i watched frozen, the designer in me was drawn
to the rich colors and beautiful patterns of the girls' dresses
and decorations in the castle.
i knew i had to create a party featuring these designs.
lucky for me, i have made some wonderful party planner friends,
and you don't have to twist their arm to throw a good party!
here in chicago, we need a distraction from this brutal winter and
this frozen playdate by lillypaul designs definitely brought out
the best of winter for these girls.
welcome wreath
{printable welcome sign}
do you see those adorable olaf cake pops by
{printable backdrop posters}
{printable 3 inch circles - perfect to make applesauce cups extra cute}
{printable food labels}
{printable banner}
{printable name or food label tents}
{printable 2 inch circles - used to decorate cups here}
{printable favor tags decorate these adorable gumball tube favors}


{printable "let it go" sign}
faux snowball fight
 {i'm olaf & i like warm hugs - printable mini banner}
shown here with a pin the nose on olaf game
 {do you want to build a snowman printable sign}
used with bag of supplies to make a snowman craft
printables available in

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