jessie & woody (cowgirl/cowboy) party

August 30, 2010

my daughter loves jessie & woody from
toy story, so for her 6th birthday
that was her party theme.

to stay away from a commercialized party,
i focused on the cowgirl/cowboy idea.
i used a lot of bandanas, cow print, burlap,
jute, hay, and yellow (woody and jessie 
both have yellow in their outfits)
i also incorporated horses and horseshoes
into the decorations. 

the invitation:

return address labels:

the cake:

i used fondant for the first time.
it was actually pretty easy to work with.
wilton has ready made, already colored fondant
that i bought at joann fabrics.

she got these toy story guys for her birthday

the food:

the kids wrote their names on the horse

smore pops = best invention ever!

the pizza roll ups were a big hit!
kids love anything on a stick!

outfits i made:

i made this pillowcase dress out of 2 bandanas.
super easy/super cheap

the siblings got initial shirts.
the letter was cut out of a bandana 
and ironed on.

the games:

"there's a snake in my boot!" (quote by woody)

the kids tried to throw the snake 
into the boot(bucket).
we kept moving the line back to see 
who could make it the farthest away.

"water the horses"

fill your sponge with water in one bucket...

run to the other bucket...

squeeze out the water 
and run back to the next person.
first team to move all their water wins!

"pin the tail on bullseye"
(bullseye is jessie & woody's horse)

party favors:

i forgot to take a picture, 
so there were only 2 left here!

boy favor:

buzz & woody bottle cap keychain,
toy story fruit snacks, &
toy story trading card

girl favor:

jessie bottle cap necklace, 
toy story fruit snacks and trading card

i bought these cute necklaces and keychains from

thank you:

i made these thank you notes
for her to fill in.

if you see anything here that you would
like for your next party send me an email.
or visit
there are only a couple items listed but 
if you convo me there i can create 
anything you want!


  1. Everything looks adorable! That cake is amazing!

  2. What a WONDERFUL party!!!

    Shelley @

  3. Her party looks wonderful!!! you did a great job!!!

  4. This is super adorable! I love all the little details like the labels and the tops of the applesauce! So precious!

  5. What an awesome party!!! LOVE the palette! You have a new follower!
    Genevieve =)

  6. Really great many perfect touches. Love the decorated apple sauce and those pizza rolls on a stick look just like a wagon wheel!

  7. So cute! Found this party on a couple of sites today and I am loving it! I am definitely going to become a follower, and I'm posting your site as a link on my FB page!

  8. ADORABLE!!! Everything is so it!!!! :)

  9. would love to have purchase some printable toystory circles like you have created, such a great party

  10. You did a amazing job!! Love all the little ideas. Where did you find the characters for all the printables?

  11. That is just a fantastic party! Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  12. This is so cute! My little girl loves jessie and her bday is in 2 weeks. I couldn't find an email for you. could you email me at

    I would like to know what you have that can be purchased from this party and the prices. Thanks so much!

  13. I could also not find email for you and would love information about DIY printables from this party if you have them. We are having a toy story party on the 11th my email

  14. Che bella festa, non mancava proprio nulla. Bravissima!

  15. Absolutely adorable party!

    Michelle@ Everyday Celebrating

  16. I can't believe I didn't comment on this!!! I actually saw it last week and I'm blown away by all your attention to detail. The party looks AMAZING. Everything--food, colors, gifts, tags---all of it is spectacular! You did a great job!

  17. Great party! Do you do any other custom work? I can't find any other way to contact you so my email is I am looking for some great ideas for my sons 1year old monkey themed party. Also, I would love the recipe for the pizza rolls!

  18. Too cute, I am already following you, I am from Brazil and we make amazing parties, come and check my blog.

    Have a good day!!


  19. So Cute! I have a little cowgirl and am planning a pink cowgirl party for her this fall! Love your cutouts and all the details! Would LOVE the recipe for the pizza rolls! Can you email me the recipe?
    Thanks so much!

  20. so fantastic! I love that you didn't go all toy story on it! So clever! well done!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  21. So cute! I came to your blog while looking for ideas for my daughter, who will be 4 this week and she loooves Jessie! Thanks for the ideas :) The "there's snake in my boot!" game is adorable!

  22. Cute party. Looks like the kids had fun. Love to know where you got your beverage dispensers? I've been looking for some exactly like those.

  23. This is freaking awesome!! Just what I needed, I am making a Woody and Jesie Birthday for my son and daughter and really didn't want the toy story theme, more like cowboyish and you have hit the head on the nail completely! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your Ideas. AWESOME work!

  24. I love this party idea! I want to use it and have a party for myself! Wondering, what is the font that you used for the tags and things? I have been trying to find that font, but can't figure it out.
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas!

  25. I love the Jessie birthday card. Can you tell me where you purchased the paisley pink paper. Also any more ideas would be appreciated. My daughter is having a jessie party and would love some help. Thanks.

  26. What a darling party! You did an amazing job! I too would love your pizza rolls recipe!

  27. Love your ideas! I am doing a similar party this weekend. How did you make the pizza rolls? They look great!

  28. This party is adorable! My daughter is wanting a Jessie party and I was looking at your games...they are great! Any chance I could get the file for those Game Rules? If they are available, that would make my life easier! My email is:


  29. Adorable're so creative! My daughter is having a western themed party in a couple of weeks and I would like to make a birthday banner similar to yours. Could you tell me where you purchased the bandanas and where you found the letters/font? My email is:
    Thanks in advance!

  30. Hello, LOVELY!!!! My daughter love Jessie and, of course, she is going to have a Cowgirl Birthday Party soon! I would like to know where did you get the party favor that look like bandanas? Thanks and congrats you do a great job!


  31. @ sole: the favor bags are from hobby lobby (as are all of the bandanna print party goods--plates, napkins, etc.) i believe they sell all of it on their website with "cowboy" party supplies.

  32. Hi, what a cute party! I am throwing a Woody party for my son in a few weeks. I love the pizza roll and smores ideas. Can I get the recipes? My email is

  33. What size paper did you use for the invites. They are great!

  34. Hi OMG this is such a detailed awesome decorations. My daughter is turning 3 end of next month and I am interested in ordering some of the decorations you posted here.

  35. Hi! What a great party idea! I too am wondering how you made the pizza rolls. Thanks! livelarge4less(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  36. could i get the recipe for the pizza rolls and the smore pops? Thanks!!!

  37. where did you find the super cute bandana printed favor bags?

  38. i really like the bandana containers where you put the food and the buckets where did you get them and you think that i can find them in pink

  39. i really like the bandana containers where you put the food and the buckets where did you get them and you think that i can find them in pink

    1. all the bandanna party goods are from hobby lobby. i believe that they also sell them online, but i don't think they have pink.

  40. hi, wanted to check on pdf for jesse inites. do you do those? thanks

    1. yes, it is available in my etsy shop:

  41. Great party. Love the set up and the kids look like they are having a blast with the party games :-)