camping party invite

March 2, 2013

for my daughter's camping party,
i decided to make tent invites.
there are many versions of these on pinterest and you can see my
main inspiration on the my camping party pinboard.
today i am going to show you how to make a tent invite.
i will be selling the pdfs of these invites in my etsy shop,
so once you have them printed you can just follow these steps
to creating the final product.
your daughter, her friends {and her friends' parents!}
will be very impressed!
you will need:
a straightedge ruler, cutting mat and an exacto knife
first, line up the ruler with the point of the tent and
straight down the middle.
next, (starting about an inch from the point) make your cut
straight down.
this step will help you get the perfect fold - like scoring.
line up the ruler with the top of your slit down to
one corner of the tent.
then using the flip side of the knife blade, lightly drag it to the corner.
start super light because you can always go back and do it again.
you just want it scored, not cut or damaged.
using the ruler to create the perfect fold,
lift and crease the tent flap back.
repeat on the other side.
i didn't take a picture of the wording page,
but you will glue the tent page directly on top of the
wording page making sure all the sides and corners line up.
(the pages are the same size so this is very easy)
i use tombo mono multi liquid glue. (green cap)
they sell it at joann fabrics.
i like it because it holds well and doesn't leave wrinkles.
still, i use it very sparingly- but that's another reason i like it.
i put a thin line of glue around each edge
and along the tent flap folds.
open the flaps and there you have it!
we didn't do fancy labels,
but i printed the return address on the back
and sealed with washi tape

if you are interested in the invite,

i will be selling it as a pdf
and also professionally printed and assembled.

stay tuned for all the party pics...coming soon!


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  2. Way cute! I'm planning on doing an indoor campout theme in the play room at our next house so I'm definitely pinning this for later. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are adorable! My nephew is having a camping themed 3rd birthday party in a few months, and these would make such a great first impression! Definitely pinned :)
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  4. adorable invite!!! I popped over from Project Inspire... I host a Tasteful Tuesday Party that I would love for you to join!

  5. This is very Clever! I love special invite cards, it adds such excitement to the anticipation of the party!

  6. Very cute! Having a camp themed party makes me think of all the delicious food possibilities! :)

  7. preciousness! an idea to hold onto for a girl's sleepover theme:)

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  8. I love the fonts you used on the invites! Would you mind sharing?

  9. This is a great idea! I'm definitely using it for my camping party.