saige and horses and painting...oh my...

November 4, 2013

for my daughter's 9th birthday
she asked for the american girl doll of the year, saige.
like my daughter, saige loves to paint and she rides horses.
so we decided to plan her party around saige, painting and horses.
for the food table, we highlighted saige and her favorite things.
the "chalkboard" horse backdrop was actually black foam core!
i made the hot air balloons
(an important event in the "saige paints the sky" book)
from paper lanterns and paper candy bowls.
this tutorial was very helpful.
all the printables i designed for the party were made to look like watercolor.
how pretty is the cake??
using the wilton gel food coloring to get the bright colors
and following this tutorial,
it was actually the easiest cake i have made.

 {food labels are part of the printable package}
 horse ribbon cup labels
{straw flags are also part of the printable package}
{lemonade can wraps}
my kids love lemonade at parties so i like to make these wraps.
usually i buy countrytime lemonade.
their cans look much prettier with the wraps.
 the girls also got to decorate their own cupcake.
i loved this idea of using the paint pallet for the toppings.
the birthday girl (who is a little tired in this picture)
had a great idea to make hot air balloon ice cream.
it was so hot that they were pretty messy, but the girls loved them!
i thought it was a creative idea!
 crazy party lady moment of this event- i glittered the paintbrushes!

each girl got their own canvas.
i got a GREAT deal at joann fabrics which made this size doable.
i used my cricut to cut the horse shape from vinyl. 
fyi hobby lobby lets you use a 40% off coupon on cricut materials.
some of the horses started to peel off so i used some spray glue to make them stickier.
the girls painted the whole canvas and then when they were done,
we peeled the horse off and the white horse shape was left.
 my other daughter wearing the cute shirt my sister made.
she also has an etsy shop!
and of course - the pinata!
for the girls' favors, we got these cute paint cans (oriental trading)
they collected their pinata candy in them.
printable favor tags available through my etsy shop
my sister also made this shirt for the birthday girl
here are the links to some of the ideas i used at this party including

see lots more painting/watercolor/horse/saige party ideas on

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  1. Wonderful party theme(s)! Love how you worked the watercolor motif into paper goods, cake, etc.

  2. wow!!! one can just say after looking at all those amazing photos and ideas- you are awesome!!!
    keep up the good work :)

  3. I love this party & all the details! My daughter wants a Saige 'Art Party' for there 7th birthday this year. What size horse did you use for the topper? Thanks!

    My daughter's turning 10 yrs old in a month from today. We literally said, "it'd be fun to do horses AND paint." and then found you on Hostess with the mosses! =)
    OK, I'm making a supply list now. I'll have some work to do, I've never even heard of cricut =)
    Thanks for posting!!!!

  5. I just saw that you linked to my blog on the paint brush rice crispy treats! The party turned out amazing, glad I found you!! :)


    Jenn @ One Thrifty Chick

  6. Seems like you had a truly wonderful birthday party. I am searching for amazing venues to arrange my son’s birthday party. Got to know about few lovely venues from my friend and hope to book perfect one for the occasion.

  7. The cake looks great. I tried to click on the tutorial and the link didn't work. What type of cake did you make?