dr. seuss on the loose

September 5, 2013

my son is crazy about dr. seuss.
he loves all of the characters, but
cat in the hat and grinch are his favorites.
in fact, cat and grinch are often at our house causing lots of mischief.
for his 4th birthday, i knew we had to celebrate his imaginary friends.
the invitation
i loved all the bright dr. seuss colors!
and if you only knew my crazy son,
you'd understand that this seuss quote was perfect for his invite.
when you untie the twine,
the card folds down to reveal all the party details:

the party
food table
for the backdrop, i had the invitation quote printed on foam core.
then i covered additional pieces of foam core with adorable seuss fabrics.
i designed a small banner with all his favorite book covers.
i found so many cute dr. seuss food ideas on pinterest.
to see the original links for many of these ideas {and many more} please visit my
babybel cheese with thing 1 & 2 labels
sugar cookies frosted like green eggs
jelly bean truffula seeds
more decorations and drinks
everyone loved the truffula trees
made from $1 pool noodles and tissue pom pom balls.
(my sister made the cute thing 1 & 2 outfits for my girls)
his favorite spot was by all his friends.
my daughter's wonderful teacher leant me her seuss bulletin board guys
and i made "me and sally" silhouettes out of posterboard.
printable banner {part of my seuss printable collection}

drink cup labels - with a place to write names
loved this idea!  how cute are they?!
but here's the truth.
the washi tape would not stay on the bottles for more than a few minutes,
especially in the heat.
but we just stuck all the straws in and they were still super cute.


to make this cake, i use one 8 inch cake and 3 6 inch.
putting a cardboard support circle in the middle
and using dowel rods kept it "straight".
i used this technique for the frosting.
i tried to do it with one tip.  but i'd advise getting two so you can alternate colors.
i had to do all the white and then all the red.  it made it more messy and less perfect.
parties are more fun when the kids can just run around and play games so i made signs
to explain each game.  of course each one was based on a seuss story.



{how adorable are the mr. krinklebein bean bags that my sister made}

we set up a photobooth area with lots of seuss props.



(trampoline jumping)
and since grinch is his "favorite guy in the whole world"...
pin the heart on grinch.
favor bags
i found these cute reusable bags in the dollar bins at target.
i thought they were perfect and love that they can be reused as snack bags after the party.
the lorax would be proud!

another favorite seuss quote...such a smart man!
sidenote: about 2 weeks after our party target set up a
whole section of seuss stuff in the dollar bins!
of course.
but i did find some cute stuff here.

he loved his party!

i am so thankful for everyone who took pictures
including many of the pictures featured here by 

the seuss printable party will be available in

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  1. Hello Beth! What a fun party! Awesome decorations! I bet the kinds were very happy! Your son looks adorable!!
    Beth, I noticed also that you're a fan of Pinterest and used to link your past projects to the Pinterest Challenge @ Bower Power. Would you be interested in linking your recent Pinterest-inspired projects on my blog OksanaPlusHobbies?
    Here is the Link Party which is going on right now:
    Thank you so very much. I'm your newest follower.

  2. This looks crazy fun! I have so much love for Dr. Seuss too. :) You make the best parties for your kids, I'm in awe at the details!

  3. thank bellenza wedding bistro! that means so much to me :)

  4. This makes me wish my sons birthday was in the Summer! Well done :) Can I ask how you made your large sign hanging up above the food table with the "youer than you" quote?

  5. sorry, dawn i just saw this comment. i designed the quote sign and had it printed on foam core board at my printer.

  6. Hi there. The party details are amazing. Would you mind sharing what fonts you used for the invites?

  7. Sorry... And also where you found the digital paper for the banner. Thanks again :)

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  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your details! I may be "borrowing" some for a future baby shower. May I ask where you got the darling patterned cups for grapes and other snacks? Can't find any like that anywhere! Thanks in advance!

  10. I love this blogs giving me party design idea <3 Keep up the good work, and keep providing your readers with helpful blogs; greetings from Metavurx VR