there's NOBUNNY like you!

my daughter LOVES bunnies.
she has slept with 2 stuffed bunnies every night since she was a baby
and has countless other bunny items.
she really wanted a bunny themed party,
but the trick was how to keep it from being too babyish
since she was turning 8.
we came up with a play on words:
"there's noBUNNY like you!"
and decided to do a favorite things party.
She wanted bunnies with clothes so i came up with this
well dressed bunny for the printable designs.
i decided to use more jewel tones instead
of the common pastels associated with bunnies.
to welcome people to our party i made this bunny "wreath".
the best part was that it's also the shape of an "8"!!!
{the welcome part is made up of printable 2 inch circles and i added gold letter stickers}
for the main snack table we used all of her favorite things.
honestly a favorite things party is so easy!  we just bought all
of her favorite snacks!
{these are a few of my favorite things small printable banner}
we placed her favorite possessions on the top shelf.
on the next shelf i made a collage of favorites.
{printable I "heart" tags}
target was my best friend for last minute decorations.
i found the gold glitter tape in the dollar bins and the little gold paper flowers on clearance.
i also found the gold jars used for snacks on clearance!
favorite snacks
{printable signs, food labels and i "heart" tags}
of course we had to have cute bunny themed names for the foods.
shown here: "carrots", "bunny tails" and
"bunny poop" (what 8 year old doesn't like potty humor??)
adorable mini cookies made to match the party by
the amazing natasha from natsweetscookies
i adore her beautiful cookies but it makes me sad to eat them!
for the backdrop behind the cake i wanted something simple and elegant.
the fringe backdrop is made from tissue paper following this tutorial.
i just taped each sheet of tissue paper to my wall.
i made paper flowers by cutting circles of tissue paper
and glueing them to a circle of card stock.
{printable banner}
i think this bunny gets the best dressed award!
the birthday girl designed the cake (well she told me what she wanted)
i made the little bunnies by piping melted almond bark into the simple shape.
the dots are the extra large white pearl nonpareils.
and how beautiful is the cake topper???
i ordered it from lulu cupcake on etsy.
she was so great to work with!
{i love my new cake stand from homegoods!}
{printable bunny cup labels}
white pom pom bunny tails
{printable straw flags}

pom pom bunny craft
i got pom pom makers from hobby lobby.
they are circles that you wind the yarn around.
the girls each made 2 pom poms
and added the nose, eyes, ears and tail.
the best part of the party was the
favorite things gift exchange!
instead of a gift, each girl brought 3 of her favorite "thing" ($5 or less).

the 3 things should all be the same item but can be different versions.
for instance beanie boos were very popular - so you would bring
all beanie boos, but you could bring 3 different beanie boo animals.

before the exchange, i had the girls draw 3 names out of a hat
(each girl's name was in the hat 3 times).
we made sure that no one had doubles or their own name
(unless they wanted one of their own gifts).
when it was her turn,
each girl would share what she brought and why it is her favorite.
then she read off which 3 girls got her gifts.
in the end, each girl went home with 3 gifts.
the girls were so cute playing this!
they loved sharing what they brought and
got so excited to tell who would receive the gift.
and of course my kids can't have a party without
pin the tail on the .... well bunny in this case.
i made each girl a bag to bring home their new goodies.
{printable favor tag}
complete with a bunny tail - extra large pom pom
we also gave out headbands to each guest.
headbands by vintage bebe props (also my sister!)

photography thanks to

the printables featured in this party will be available in
my shop soon.
(until then just request them as a custom order through my shop)

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I am doing full sized. It's time to pump this one out! While I wait for another black b custom banners Chicago

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