May 25, 2011

my son is turning two!
when my daughters turned two, i planned their
parties around their current obsession.
the problem with my son is not that
he doesn't have an obsession...
those include the chicago bears,
the chicago blackhawks, the chicago cubs
and taylor swift.  but, since we had a baseball party
last year i wanted to stay away from a sports theme and taylor
doesn't exactly scream 2yr old boy....

luckily he started to watch ONE kid's show.
-the bubble guppies-
if you do not currently have a toddler/preschooler
you have no idea what i'm talking about.
but he thinks they are very funny
and really likes the theme song
"bubble, bubble, bubble.....guppy, guppy, guppy"
{although here it is more like "buppy, buppy, buppy"}

so we are having a bubble guppy party
heavy on the bubble!

the invitations:
for the kids:

i dumped the bubbles out of these containers
(into a larger bubble bottle)
washed them and let them dry.
next i added a wrap with the guests' names.
i rolled the invite up and secured the bubble wand
to it with with orange bakers twine.
 for guests outside our neighborhood,
i actually put their address on the bottle
and mailed it!
it was about $1.50 each
i didn't put a return address on mine,
and my husband ended up having to write
them on at the post office.
i can't really think about how that looked :(

for the adults:
for the adults (grandparents, aunts/uncles)
i just mailed a regular invite.
but i made these cute address labels:
  i can't wait to share all the
bubble fun!


  1. What a cute party idea!!! Love it.
    following you now

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