princess and the frog/baking party

February 9, 2011

 my daughter asked for a
princess and the frog party
and she loves baking...
so i decided to combine them.
since tiana loves to cook,
it really fit.

the colors were lilac and green apple.
i wanted to incorporate a lot of
cupcake wrappers & bakers twine.

i also used a silhouette of tiana
throughout the party.

the invite:

{click here for more invite pictures/description,
click here for an apron pocket tutorial} 

The Cake:

The Details:

 i made this for the front door
by gluing cupcake wrappers to
a large "5" that i had cut out.
{go here see my inspiration and get a tutorial}

circle garland and hanging balls

the white balls are made from cupcake wrappers.
the purple flower ball is made out of streamers!

for part of the girls' favor, they got to
create their own cookie mix.

i started jars with the basic ingredients
then had them each choose what goodies
they wanted in their mix.

the whole mad it's blurry!

"cupcake toppers"
one is the tiana silhouette and
the other is purple jewel.
i love cupcake toppers!
more importantly, the kids love them.
but i rarely serve cupcakes at my parties,
so i have to come up with another way to
use them.  here, it's in grapes...

cocktail picks
i used coordinating papers
and tiny glitter frogs.

chocolate covered marshmallows

the table before the baking started!

i saw this cute idea for
attaching flowers made from
cupcake wrappers to the hats 


the kids got to add their names
using sticker letters i got
form the dollar bin at target.
{tip: i put the letters each girl needed
for her name in a cupcake wrapper
ahead of time so there wasn't any searching}

making beignets!
these are tiana's specialty!
we found a tiana cookbook which
had the recipe.
it was so easy and a perfect
recipe for the girls to help with.

aren't these little rolling pins cute?!
they are from hobbyy lobby and the
best purchase i made (also very inexpensive).
they kept all the girls involved.

creating a one of a kind cookie mix!

the little bakers

modeling the cute apron my sister
made her!
{available in her etsy shop:


in addition to the cookie mix,
the girls each got a tiana barrette.
i got them from Crystal's Creations.

it was a great party!
for any of the paper goods you see here
please visit my etsy shop.


  1. This party is PRECIOUS!! Love the color scheme!

  2. this is stunning. I adore the details.

  3. What a beautiful party. I love all the special details, so much fun.
    Dannyelle @

  4. I love this did an amazing job on every detail!
    The number 5 with cupcake wrappers is so beautiful!
    I love the hats with flowers and the baking mixes are a fantastic idea!
    I appreciate all you hard work :)
    Great Job!
    p.s. I want to do a party like this now!

  5. Oh wow! You did a great job! Looks like the girls had a great time!

  6. How cute! the cake was beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful party! Loved all the details.

  8. such an amazingly cute birthday for a little girl. I love the cookie mix favors, great idea!

  9. I LOVE THIS PARTY!!! Great attention to detail. Smartly done. Such good ideas.

  10. What a beautiful party. She sure is a lucky little girl!

  11. so you had them create there own cookie mix and is that the cookie mix that you used with the rolling pins, or did you use something different and they took the created cookie mix home?

  12. Congratulations! Beautiful party. And your invitation gave me inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  13. we made beignetes (donuts) at the party. that's what they are rolling. the cookie mix they took home but they got to pick which "extra ingredients" they wanted to add. they added 3 {1/4 c} scoops.

  14. OH MY GOSH! What a CUTE party!!!! Love the cake, all the little toppers, your decorations, EVERYTHING! My daughter's 5th birthday is coming up and she wants a princess party. I'm trying to brainstorm! Visiting from the blog hop :) by sometime and look around :)

  15. So adorable! I love the '5' door hanger! I'd love to feature your party on my new blog -

    Email me if you are interested -
    -Kelsey :)

  16. WOW! You did an amazing job for this party! Thanks for posting on FTF!

  17. You did a great job on this party. Love the unique idea's and the tutorials are great!

  18. Beth, what a great party! I've featured your cupcake liner "5" on my blog today for my "Inspired By Pinterest" series! Feel free to stop by and grab a button! Thanks!!

  19. This is an amazing party and I am sure all the girls had fun. It was a great idea to give away the cookie mix and the Tiana barrettes are adorable.
    Cooking of course was the right entertainment! I love the apron! It is a wonderful souvenir of her birthday forever. The hanging garlands were a nice added detail. You did a great job with detail.