valentine's projects

February 14, 2011

i was talking to a friend about my blog and
something occurred to me.
i often don't post projects because i have
"copied" something i saw on
another blog.  but not all of the people
who read my blog have seen these ideas!
so i am going to try and post more.

the first project is a gift for my daughter's teachers.

 i saw the flower pin above and just loved it!
she made hers out of paper.
i decided to make mine out of muslin.

 first, i cut it into squares (maybe 4 inch?)
then i used my best cursive... can you tell i taught 3rd grade?!
i used a red glittery gel pen, so it had a tiny sparkle.

i scalloped the edges
this does NOT have to be perfect!
to see how to put the flower together go here.

i hot glued the pin to the back with a
piece of felt (heart shaped of course).

i'm in love with it!
maybe i'll make one for myself someday...


 the second project is a banner 
i saw on one of my favorite blogs:

it's so easy.
i cut the pennants out of burlap.
then i cut the letters out with my cricut
and used them as a stencil.

i had pink/red glitter glue so i used
that to fill in the stencil.

my favorite part is the pink bakers twine
stitched through!


okay, last project!
i needed valentine's shirts for my girls.
i decided to use an idea i had seen
{it was originally a christmas
ornament which i also made!}
i'm not going to repeat her tutorial, so go there to check it out!

you need to start out with a piece
of felt cut into the shape you want.
the only other change i made was to cut circles
of fabric instead of squares.
then following her tutorial, hot glue the
petals all over.

i just pinned the heart onto
the shirt because i wasn't sure it
would wash well.
and i didn't want to waste a long sleeve
white shirt!  we are always
having to do laundry just for those!

and here's how you make those cute
legwarmers from women's knee socks.
{i bought these at target for $1.50 after 
valentine's day last year}

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