i can't forget buzz!

March 1, 2011

i get lot of requests for buzz lightyear
items to go along 
i make.

i just helped someone do a party
where she had the best ideas.
 she had a table with all the food
that was woody and jessie themed.
but then she also had a dessert table
that was buzz themed.
i am so jealous of her creativity in
naming the foods. 
here were a few of the labels i made her:
"hamm sandwiches"
"mr. potato head chips"
"woody's watering hole"
cute right?
she wanted a sign for the dessert table
that said "star command sweets"
 so here is what i came up with:

{these pics are in my family room...
not at her party!!!}

 the background paper was a dark blue
glitter paper

and i LOVE these letters!
aren't the little star cutouts so great?!

 buzz & alien toppers

if you are interested in anything
you see, please contact me
through my etsy shop!

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