new motivation

March 11, 2011

i am trying to get myself motivated to take on some
new home improvement projects.
now that my etsy store is a success,
i'm having trouble finding the time...
these 3 kids i have aren't helping either!

maybe if i show you all some
projects in real need of attention,
i will be more motivated!

although i'm not big on modern furniture,
i found this great wallpaper on

it looks like beadboard and you can even paint it!
i'm think about using it inside this closet:

or on the inside of this:
{there used to be doors on this pre-toddlers}

and hopefully someday on the ceiling in here:
{someday meaning the day when i can pay someone to do it}

 my goal is to have an "after" picture soon!

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  1. sounds like fun! Your house is soooo clean! JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!