apron invite tutorial

February 2, 2011

my newest invite is for a
princess and the frog/
baking party.

today i'm going to show you how i
made the apron part of the invitation.

i had never seen anything like this,
but as i was searching for
cheap aprons for the party i came across
an invitation that looked like an apron.
if you google it, you will see
many that are more decorative than mine,
but i just wanted something simple to
not take away from the actual invite.

first, you need to cut out an apron shape.
you can also google this and find many templates.
although, it's really not that complex.
just make sure it is 2 1/2 inches longer than
you want the finished product to be.
{mine was 9 inches from top to bottom
and 5 1/4 inches side to side}

next, you will score 2 1/2 inches
from the bottom then fold up toward the top.
{if you don't have a scoring blade,
you can just fold it}

put a thin line of glue on both edges
and fold closed to create the pocket.
{i like to stick it under a heavy book
while it dries to make sure it stays}

next you will add the loop that
goes around the "neck".
just punch two holes and tie the ribbon.

use an craft knife to cut two slits
for the "belt" to slide through.
the ribbon goes behind the apron
so that just the loose ends are hanging.
this is a picture of the back.
from the front it should look
like the ribbon would tie behind your back.

these are buttons i found at michael's
over a year ago and just knew i'd have a reason
to use them someday...they were only a dollar!

i tied them on with purple baker's twine
{from the twinery}

to finish off the invite, i rounded the edges.
it's not necessary, but i think it
makes it look so much more finished.
this tool is definitely a
good buy.

i don't know how well you can see it here,
but this shows how it looks
with normal corners vs. clipped.

the princess & the frog invites will be
available in my etsy shop soon!

hopefully i will be posting the party next week!


  1. So cute Beth. Hope the party goes well. Thanks again for letting me borrow stuff for the party last week. Stay warm!

  2. I came across your party idea on Pinterest and I loved it!! I have an adopted daughter who is African American and she loves Tiana and was thrilled about doing a baking party. Thank you so much for posting your ideas and letting us other uncreative mothers benefit from your genius!! Thank you!

    1. this comment means so much to me! thank you for sharing! i hope she has a great party.