growin' baby owen

November 26, 2011

as the marathon of baby showers continues,
i bring you the invite for my sister's shower.
my sister is obsessed with her vegetable garden.
like needs a 12 step program obsessed.
like spends most of her free time in the spring
planning, researching & planting obsessed.
like grows seedlings in her guest room obsessed!
i think you all get the picture!

so a garden themed baby shower it will be!
{owen is her last name}
it was my husband's idea to use garden puns in the wording
"lettuce" celebrate, the little "pumpkin" 
and we'll "pepper" her with gifts.
 she likes simple, so i used brown kraft paper.
you can see down by the picture of the address labels
that the back of the invite was the polka dot paper
i used as a backdrop for these pictures.
 the baby's name will be amelia, so that is one of the garden signs.
i added a strip of "grass" that i designed and cut with the cricut.
the finishing touch was teal twine and a hot pink button.
 i created green dot wrap around address labels to brighten up
the brown kraft paper envelopes.

check out all the party inspiration on my pinterest board!
shower pictures will be up next week.


  1. Love this! If you get a chance, I'd love to have you link up! Thanks for your neat idea. :)

  2. Hi, I just found you from Making the World Cuter - these are so cute!! I'd love for you to share these on my link party on Dec 6th. Tuesday's Nursery is for all ages of kids decor held first Tuesday each month - birthday parties & shower decor included! Have a great weekend! Nan