woodland creature costumes

October 26, 2011

when i saw the idea for this costume on pinterest,
i knew my oldest daughter would love it.
her beloved 1st grade teacher was partial to owls,
so they have become a close 2nd to elephants here.

unlike my sister who makes half of her kids' clothing herself,
i do not get a long with my sewing machine.
we have a fight and almost breakup every time i use it.
my glue gun on the other hand is the love of my life!
i made this costume entirely with hot glue!
here's how i did it...
i bought a few yards of felt for 50 % off so it was super cheap
{like maybe $6 total}
i chose 3 coordinating colors.
next, i cut a feather out of card stock
and then traced it over and over on the felt.
cut out all the feathers and warm up the glue gun.
 i used a hand-me-down dress that was the shape i wanted
i forgot to take a picture after the first row, but basically just
glue down the top half of each feather, doing one row
{all the way around - front and back} at a time.
i didn't stick to a set pattern with the colors, just
tried to keep a color from bunching together too much.
once the dress was finished, i was so excited to show her.
i made her try it on the second she got off the bus.
first words out of her mouth: "where's the wings?"
my inspiration picture didn't have wings....
but i came up with the shape above,
cut it out and glued it inside the shoulder strap of the dress.
if you look closely, you can see a black jelly bracelet
{pinned for now..will stitch in place soon}
this keeps the wings attached to her arms,
but if they are annoying her she can take off the bracelet
and let them flap behind her!

{the hat}
i saw this hat on pinterest and pretty much copied it.
we bought a woman's hat
(i recommend this because you lose a lot of the
hat height when creating the owl head shape)
okay, for this "i" did sew.  when i say "i", i mean
my mother-in-law sewed the hat.
we traced a half circle onto the inside of the hat,
cut and sewed it back together.
check out the link for much better instructions!
button + circle + circle with slits + hot glue = owl eye
ta da!
fly away owl!

my other daughter loves bunnies, i honestly
don't know how we haven't had a bunny costume before.
the costume all started with this
i purchased it from babamoon on etsy
it is so cute and very soft.  she was so fast too!
we bought a tutu skirt from target and then my mother-in-law
sewed the fur boa to the edge.
i took a pink shirt and added a couple layers
of white fur with the glue gun.
instead of adding fur to the sleeves,
i wrapped more of the fur around jelly bracelets.
this way, if she has to wear a sweatshirt for trick or treating
the fur will not be covered.
bunny tail!


  1. you did an AWESOME job on these costumes! I love the owl. And there is nothing wrong with hot glue. ;) I'd love for you to link up with my Halloween Party! http://www.fairlyfabulousblog.com/2011/10/halloween-doors-and-my-first-link-up.html

  2. This is so awesome! Found you via Tatertots and Jello.

    I have a custom blog button giveaway going on now at my blog if you're interested in checking it out!


  3. Thanks, Beth!! Super helpful. I'm in process of doing this for Coltan. Made my feathers a bit small but finally finished cutting them all. Bring on the glue gun!

  4. You did great! Your daughters look gorgeous in their costumes. I love my glue gun too!Thanks for sharing.