school party ideas - - halloween

October 11, 2011

i get so many great ideas for holiday decorating
from blogs and pinterest,
but wish i could find more
unique ideas for classroom parties.

i hope to find some more good ones to use in a few weeks, 
but i thought i'd share what i did last year.

for my daughter's class party we decided one of
the activities would be a craft/snack.
 the kids made these cute spiders.
i had seen the idea on a blog but for the original,
a lot of melted chocolate was used.
that wouldn't work for a classroom project,
so here is how i tweaked it.
you need:
brownie bites
pretzel sticks
mini marshmallows

 you use the marshmallows as "joints" to join
2 pretzels together making a leg
 repeat for the rest of the legs.
{we only had 4 legs}
 tear a marshmallow in half.
{the sticky part attaches to the brownie}
 stick 2 nerds into the marshmallows.
 fun right?

fun snacks
i wanted to use cupcake toppers that
i had made, but didn't want to bring cupcakes.
so i stuck them into cubes of cheese.
all the kids wanted the toppers so they picked the cheese
even though there were tons of other sweats!
{they still ate the other sweats...but they ate cheese too!}
 aren't these witch hats cute??
just take a hershey kiss
dip in melted chocolate {or melt the bottom of the kiss}
stick to the flip side of a chocolate striped cookie.
the example i saw had a piped bow, but i don't pipe...
so i used 2 pumpkin sprinkles & 2 orange jimmies!
{healthy candy corn}
white ~ bananas
yellow ~ yellow peppers
orange ~ carrots

now lets hope that this guy has a better halloween this year!


  1. cute little halloween treats!!! i like the witch's hat!! & that picture of the frog is priceless ;)

  2. I have been looking for good ideas for a classroom party too. Our schools don't allow homemade food so it makes being creative tricky! I love the brownie bite spider and I think it will be perfect.
    I would love if you would link up these great ideas on my "It's a Celebration" link party. I bet we're not the only ones looking for classroom ideas!

  3. Those little witches hats are too cute. Who knew they were so easy. Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from