american girl doll party

August 26, 2011

every day, at some point,
you can catch my daughter
flipping through the 
american girl doll catalog.
so for her 7th birthday,
we decided to do an 
american girl doll party.

her favorite color is blue so we picked
the colors navy, hot pink and teal.
we also used the american girl logo for inspiration
and incorporated stars.

because we were doing it outside,
i thought pinwheels and bunting would be great decorations.
the party went late so that we could watch
a movie outside with a projector so
we also used a lot of tiki torches.
the yard looked so pretty!

since the dolls were the main focus,
we tried to use miniatures of many of the party items.

the invite

the cake 

i decided to use 6 inch cake pans to make a smaller scale cake.
there were 3 layers so that it still had some height.
it was just frosted white and 
then i strung some mini bunting around.
i used 2 of the teal stripe straws to hold the 
"ella" banner i made.

the food
i wanted the dessert table to be set up out
in our yard.
it rained all day so we had to
wait until the last minute to set it up.
the large ella banner was cut using the cricut
and then i used streamers to ruffle the background.
 mini cupcakes (from target)
with tall tiny flags
{wooden skewers with scrapbook paper}
 licorice wrapped in bunches with paper
{idea from pinterest}
 mini poptarts on a stick
{recipe from here}
swirly suckers {amazon} for girls
pretend suckers for dolls {made by pippaloo}
cookies wrapped with bakers twine
in cake pan cake stand
-my wonderful sister did all the bows-
chocolate frosted cupcakes
{sparkle star and age 7 toppers}
 popcorn bags for the outdoor movie
cans of lemonade-a favorite of the birthday girl
{lemonade banner attached to dowel rods}

american girl wraps for cans
-could also be made for water bottles-
{make them waterproof by using packing tape!}
the girls LOVED these.
they had so much fun finding "their" doll.
 drink station
 name flags for straws
{the pretty stripe straws are from polka dot market}
goodie bags for girls and dolls
{more goodie bag details here}

other details
pinwheels for girls and dolls
{how to make pinwheels}
mini plates and cups for the dolls
{american girl party supplies from joann fabrics}
i thought these were kind of pricey,
but they were a favorite of the girls.
they were all pretending that their dolls were eating too!
 matching pinwheel barrettes i made for
the birthday girl, her sister and their dolls.
 birthday hats for the dolls
welcome sign

 making bracelets
 {we wanted to make them for the dolls too, but ran out of time}
 waiting for the movie to start!

thank you letter

--we did a little photo shoot on her birthday with some of the
party goods that didn't make it into the party pictures--

birthday girl, doll and their suckers

all paper party goods will be available
in my etsy shop

check out the links and party ideas {some not used}
on my pinterest board


  1. What a beautiful party!! So fun and I bet the girls just loved that their "girls" got to participate in each detail as well. You are very creative!

    Thanks for your kind words about our projects and for inviting us each over to see your lovely party! Hope it was perfect for everyone!!

    Have a great week :)


  2. Absolutely awesome party! Love all the details! The mini party items for the dolls is just too cute, the lemonade wrappers are so fun, the mini poptarts are cute and look delicious, and that thank you note is just perefct! What a great party! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Lemon Tree! You have inspired me. : )

  3. What a great idea. My 7 year old is obsessed with American Girl dolls. It looks like it was a huge success!!

  4. Every detail is just so perfect! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree today!

  5. Cute party! Lots of great ideas! I'd like to invite you to share these at my Friday Favorites party!

  6. You did an amazing job! You're hired for Olivia's birthday. Super Mom for sure!

  7. I love all the details and the fun colors. I know my girls would have loved to have had a party like this. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  8. Here via Doll Diaries. This party was definitely about the details, and I love that. Were the lollipops from pippaloo custom made? Otherwise I can't believe you could find matching ones that were so similar. I've been wanting to try making pinwheels for a while. Now we'll probably wait until next summer. I can see why the girls would love their doll lemonades. Great job mom!

  9. What font did you use on the cake banner? Loved the cute!

    mspaytonjones at yahoo dot com

  10. So adorable! What time did you host the party? Thinking of doing something very similar for my 6 year old's bday party this year.