american girl party--pinwheels!

August 9, 2011

i just LOVE pinwheels!
they are so pretty and colorful.

i figured they would be great
for our girlie outdoor evening party.

there are so many different
tutorials on how to make them.
since i took bits and pieces from all
the great advice,
i wanted to share what i think
is the most easy and pretty way to make them.

you will need:
coordinating papers
spray glue
long pearlized straight pins
glue gun
small beads
lollipop sticks - 8in & 4in (for dolls)
push pin (did not make picture)
 first spray the back of one paper generously with spray glue.
 place other page on top
 trim to 5 inch squares

 cut from one corner towards the center.
i just eyeballed it, others may want to fold diagonally
to create lines to cut on.
 all 4 cuts made
 put a dot of hot glue in the center and fold one corner in.
hold till dry.
 repeat until all four corners are folded in.
 this is the part that varies in each tutorial.
i used a pushpin to create my hole.
it is strong, so easy to push through and it creates
a hole that is a little bigger than the pin
so the pinwheel will spin easily.
 stick the pin through the hole.
 add 3 small beads
(this helps keep the pinwheel away from the stick)
 put a dab of hot glue on the end of the lollipop stick
then slide the pin into the middle of it.
 bend the pin so that the pinwheel is facing forward
instead of up.
 pretty, right?
 for the doll version, make a 3 inch square
and use the 4 inch lollipop stick
all ready for the party!


  1. This is the perfect pinwheel! I see a lot of pinwheel tutorials, but this is super thorough and looks much prettier than most. Well done! I am a new follower and would love for you to link up at my Savvy HomeMade blog party at

  2. You make such beautiful things! I just love everything. Question for you - do you recall the cricut cartridge you used to cut the letters for the large Ella sign (American girl party)? I've been trying to figure out the cartridge - I love that font!