summer fun & ice cream

October 11, 2012

my daughter's birthday is at the end of august
so we decided to have one last
"summer fun" and ice cream party.
she also requested that everything be blue - her favorite color.
the invite:
crinkle paper from shop sweet lulu
 i used a scallop circle punch for the "bite".

the cake
since she loves blue i knew i had to make
the cake blue.
it also was perfect because she doesn't like frosting!
dessert table
ombre bowls, paper plates and napkins are from target.
i also bought 2 blue ombre bowls and flipped them upside down
for the platters of cupcakes.
{rice krispie treat popsicles}
to make these, i formed the popsicle shape when the
"batter" (what would you call it???) was warm.
i was panicking because it was so sticky at first,
but then it quickly became more pliable.
because it was so hot, i stuck them in the fridge to harden.
then i was worried they were too hard.
i shouldn't have worried.
they soften up quickly and it was so
hot that the ended up flopping over by the end of the party.
{snocone cupcakes}
modeled after the great bakerella's idea.
see instructions here.
{popsicle cupcake toppers}
mike and ike's + toothpicks = popsicles
thank you to the blog party pinching for this idea.
they have the cutest party food creations!
{grapes in waffle cones}
{food tent}
tip: i typically sell food labels that are flat, but if you want to
turn them into a tent, just buy coordinating scrapbook paper
fold and glue on your flat printable label.  i used a corner
clipper to round the edges.
cones dipped in white chocolate then sprinkled

{straws from shop sweet lulu}
they were so helpful and made me a custom collection of blues
that went well together
i had snacks set up on this ombre table.
i just bought 3 cheap plastic table cloths
in different shades of blue
i saw this idea and thought it was so cute.
served goldfish, pretzel fish, and
"wavy lays"- perfect summer snacks - in buckets with shovels
and loved this summer party idea:
gumballs as "beach balls"
and licorice as "pool noodles"
8 made out of coffee filters and spray painted.
see directions here.

ombre blue dot pattern inspired by this blog post
i ordered the ice cream tubs from amazon and
created personalized stickers for each one.
the mini spoons are from shop sweet lulu.
we bought cute ice cream and popsicle mini erasers
from amazon and each girl got a couple in their bucket.
then they used it to collect candy and prizes from the
pinata.  they also got a ice cream cone popper
(you know the cone that pops the
styrofoam "ice cream" ball in someone's face)
i found those in the dollar bin at target
but also saw them on amazon.
after searching for an inexpensive frame, i ended up
buying a piece of fancy trim moulding and making my own.
i thought i was crazy and lazy in how i assembled it (with a staple gun),
but then i saw this post on young house love
and they did exactly the same thing!!
(although my sister had to end up fixing mine a bit.)
moral of the story...
i should've spent the extra $10 to buy a frame.
they now have perfect ones at hobby lobby.
the lanterns are from 5 below.
i found them early on in planning and they helped
dictate the colors i used.
it looked so pretty at dusk when they were lit,
but i don't know how to take a good picture in that light.  boo
i found so many fun summer games on pinterest.
look at
for links to directions for the target,
bow and arrow, and balloon game.
of course it was over 90 that day
so they spent most of their time filling cups
with water from the sprinkler and chasing each other....
toss a hula hoop over the balloon.
each balloon had different points written on them.

we also set up giant croquet like this
(but i didn't get a good picture)
i cut hula hoops in half and the girls counted their kicks
to get through the course.
and of course a pinata.
found this cute one on amazon.

for any of the paper printables 
seen here contact me through

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