doily ball tutorial

February 8, 2012

my daughter's lalaloopsy party
has a sewing theme to it.
and since doilies have a lace look to them,
i thought the doily pom pom balls
i saw on pinterest were perfect.
i followed the link but could not find a real
tutorial on how to make them.
since i had made these cupcake wrapper pom pom balls last year,
i had a pretty good idea how to try and use the doilies.

you will need doilies, food coloring, a ball & hot glue.
i looked for colored doilies,
but if i had known how easy it is to dye the doilies
i wouldn't have wasted my time.  so easy!
fill a dish with enough water to cover the doilies
and add a few drops of food coloring.
{i used pink from the neon collection.
i thought i might have to add more but i didn't.}

put the doilies into the water.
{i just dropped the bunch in, didn't separate them at all}

it worked really fast!  just a minute or two to soak.
{it takes awhile to separate them and lay them out
and if they sit too long they start to rip.}
 lay them out to dry.
{i just had paper towels spread out on a table.}
 as they start to dry move them around
to get off of the wet part of the towels.
{aren't they pretty?!}
 once they are dry
{mine were dry a few hours later, but i waited til the next day}
fold in half and put a dab of hot glue
towards the center but near the fold.
 fold in half again
 put a dab of hot glue on the corner and press down onto the ball.
{you could probably get away with an even smaller ball}
continue to do this around the ball
{you want the folds to be going different ways
so that the doilies open into each other
instead of forming rows.}

i think i could've spread them out more.
the ball shows through but if you go back and use double sided tape
to stick the doilies together it solves that problem.
mine was much fuller than the inspiration picture,
but i like that in the original you can see more of the doily.
i ended up using about 30 - 8 inch doilies.

i'll have better pictures when i post all the party details!!


  1. SOOOO beautiful! Would you please link up this post with us? I'd love to have you share it with my readers.

  2. Thank you for linking to Under the Table and Dreaming. I found you there!

    Mommy Sauri~

  3. These are all absolutely adorable. I want to make them for my daughter's birthday.

  4. So pretty and easy to do! Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

  5. What size foam ball did you use?

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely doily balls! I've featured them in my latest blog post.

  7. The photo shown above is mine, from my Etsy Store MyHaleyGirl. Glad you enjoyed them.

  8. the photobucket ads make it so you can't see all the instructions. Is there somewhere else to get these directions for making the flower ball from doilies?