it's a very pinterest christmas

December 19, 2011

I just love pinterest for finding great inspiration.
this christmas i have updated
my decorations with a few of these ideas.

burlap bubble wreath
 i love it and it was not that hard.

i had pinned this wreath in the fall, 
 but it was too late to be making a fall wreath
so i added pinecones dusted with glitter.
i followed the tutorial and it took about an hour.
the most time consuming part is cutting the burlap.
i had lots left over from my sister's shower,
but it does take a lot of 4 inch squares.  she said about 100.
i didn't count... and you'll need a lot of pins!

advent calendar
i really wanted a way to help instill
the true meaning of christmas in my kids.
but in a fun way.
 i searched advent calendars on pinterest
and found so many wonderful ideas.
i decided to do a mix of winter/holiday fun as well as
acts of kindness & thinking of others.
 here is my list of activities:
color a winter picture ~ make a card to put
with gift card for the mail carrier~write a note to your
sister telling 3 nice things about her~read a christmas
storybook~make a card for your busdrivers~
make cookies~have a snowball fight~go to starbucks
for a treat~make a sign for the garbage man and
attach a gift card~make a snowman~look at
photo albums~make a card for your REP teachers~
watch a christmas movie & have popcorn~go see
christmas lights~make a winter craft~draw a picture
of baby jesus~make cards to send to
great-grandparents~buy a gift for toys for tots~
help wrap christmas presents
{i put a few of these in more than once}

ruffled tree skirt
{this is more of a blog find}
 i used burlap and muslin because i love a natural look.

i had seen this tutorial last year
 their skirt was sewn,
and i was all ready to follow their instructions.
i had planned on pulling the sewing machine out....
and THEN i saw this tutorial!
wait, what?  i can do this with a glue gun?!

happy holidays!


  1. I LOVE all of your creations! the wreath is fabulous and you can pop the pinecones out and put a new look or season in a blink of an eye -- i LOVE IT!!!(shhhhh...don't want to hurt any feelings but i TRULY love yours better than the inspiration : ) thanks for sharing! sending holiday hugs...

  2. I really love your style! I found your site through tip junkie and have loved looking around! I'm excited to be a new follower!

  3. I love the wreath I think you did a great job!

  4. I'm in love with the wreath and the tree skirt! I have a friend who made one of those tree skirts for her home and ever since she showed me her 'pin' I've been in love. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing, visiting via Get Your Brag On Linky