October 19, 2009

pinkalicious party
delaney loves the book "pinkalicious" 
by victoria & elizabeth kann.

so for her 4th birthday we had to have a pinkalicious party

the invitation

i made pinkalicious paper dolls for each girl.
i got a little carried away with the cricut
and at this point realized i may have
a problem.  i'm currently looking for a 
12 step program for party planning

i also made this banner using the cricut.
i LOVE how it turned out!

i hung martha stewart tissue balls and pink lanterns
and made a cupcake runner

the cake

flower decoupage
this craft was based on one of the illustrations in the book

coloring sheets
we also made necklaces with different pink beads

besides the cake, we had "cupcake kabobs"
i put mini muffins, marshmallows, pink wafer cookies and donut holes on a cocktail straw.  
i also made strawberry and red grape kabobs.

during the snack my (wonderful) sister, cathy read "pinkalicious" to the girls.
cute cupcake bow i ordered from etsy
birthday girl
(i made her shirt with a leftover cupcake from the table runner)

my inspiration for many of these ideas came from fellow bloggers:

Life in the Pitts

sarah's wedding shower
we did an all dessert theme since she 
doesn't really like "shower food".
along with their gifts each guest
included their favorite dessert recipe

the invitation

mini wedding cake cookies

cinderella party
ella's favorite princess is cinderella and
for her 3rd birthday we wanted a party
that wasn't too commercialized.

the invitation 
i wanted the guests 
to feel the magic of cinderella.
the front of the card has the 
fairy godmother's
magic wand and her famous words. 

castle cake
my husband hates that i make my own cakes
for our birthday parties because i get so
stressed while i do them.
but i couldn't have been happier 
with how this turned out.
cinderella's castle for the kids
to crawl through.
cinderella & prince charming

grapevine pumpkins spray painted and glittered
"glass" slippers filled with snacks
party favors
blue feather wand and tiaras for the girls
inflatable swords and sheilds for the boys

the little mermaid party
let me point out that while i think
disney is great, i was never really
a "princess" girl.  my daughters on the other
hand have a full blown obcession. 
so i allowed ella to have yet another
princess party when she turned 4,
but i tried to tone down the ariel and play up
the water theme.
the invitation
a plastic bottle with invite and shells inside

mermaid cake
i saw a picture of this cake online and recreated it.
i thought it was so funny/cute!
party favors
mostly we just had all our water
toys set up (sprinkler, pool, etc.)
but we also filled a bunch of clear balloons
with little prizes and candy.
we dumped them onto the grass and it 
looked like bubbles. then the kids
ran around popping the balloons to get the prizes.

i tied bunches of blue balloons together and
had them "floating" around the yard to 
create the look of water.
we used blue, green, and ariel accessories.

farm party
when ella was going on 2, she loved the book 
"duck on a bike" by david shannon.
she loved all the barnyard animals 
and the noises they made.

the invitation

i made large animals and hung them on our fence.
since the party was mostly toddlers they really loved this!
we also had pink, black and white balloons
"cow" tablecloths with pink plates 
and napkins tied with black gingham ribbon

sheep cake
this was my first "theme cake"

delaney's 1st birthday invitation
booklet that unfolds up and down

our friend tyler's 1st birthday invitation
wording printed on vellum and attached to
a layered card with a colorful brad.


  1. Those are all such great ideas!! I can't wait until I get to start planning birthday parties!

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    Thanks so much for linking up!!!


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