the cool kids' luau

i was asked to help plan a luau
for a boy turning 14.
he really doesn't want anything cheesy,
but there will be a lot of
adults there as well, so his mom
wants it to be sophisticated too.

first i'm working on the invitations.
here are 3 samples i came up with.

option 1:

the hibiscus is cut out of scrapbook paper 
using the cricut.  it is glued down in the center
but not on the edges so that it pops off 
the paper a bit.

option 2:

surfboards cut out of scrapbook paper and
glued onto a square card.  corners are clipped
and edges are distressed.

option 3:

i created a surfboard image
with the birthday boy's initial and also
added a small hibiscus to one corner.

which one would you pick???


Allie said...

SUPER Cute! Make a few of both! I couldn't pick either!
You should come link this up at my Making It With Allie Party!

the cape on the corner said...

ooh, option 3 for sure! i love the hibiscus, and the surfboard is very obvious as to what it is. i thought the second one was funky curves, i didn't think surfboard right away. i don't know why...but they all look great!

Sandy Ang said...

They are all so cute !

Theresa Maguire said...

number two is my the square card with the surf boards!!

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