onesie stickers

awhile back i posted a gift 
that i gave my sister for her 3rd baby.
i wanted to show what how cute
they {sticker & baby} looked!

since then,
i have come up with some new styles:

i made these for an owl baby shower





these are for twin girls
made for a baby who has a
cowboy themed nursery

i think these are a great gift
for a baby shower
or a friend who is maybe having a second
or third baby and not having a shower.

if you'd like to order stickers,
send me a message through


katie@tulsadetails said...

Your nephew is adorable!! And those ties are so creative!

Nicole @ The Wonderful World of Wohler said...

The ties are so cute! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Somewhat Simple.

Sailing with bare feet said...

AWE !!! Super cute !! I love them !!!
you can visit me here

Kelsey@inspirationthief said...

I wish I would have had these last year when I had my baby. So cute!

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

oh those stickers are a great idea. I took on the task of taking a picture of my son next to his stuffed animal lion every week until he was one. he just turned one so we're done now but it was a long and wonderful 52 weeks. It would have been great to take it with stickers or something. very cool.

new follower,

Lolly Jane said...

Super cute! We would ♥ for you to link this up :)

:)Lolly Jane

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