this year's holiday card

December 17, 2010

my family's card

i am so excited about how these cards turned out!
the pictures don't represent the great
quality of the printing.
i'm so glad i have found a good printer
so that i can create any format i want.

front of the card.
it is a 4.75 in square when folded.

according to the printer, this is what you
call a "z fold".
i love the simplicity of having just the photos,
but then making it more festive
with the snowflakes and swirls.

i totally copied this idea from another blogger,
but can't find the link!
cute and easy.
i took each kid's thumbprint, added antlers and a red nose.
since i needed about 80, i scanned it and printed them out
on sticker paper. then i used a circle punch to
make it perfect for sealing the envelope---no licking!
later, i wished i had printed the year under it...oh well.

my sister-in-law's cards

she brought me a picture of this idea and
i was really excited to try and replicate it.

i think it turned out so pretty.

she decided to go with the green, but i
really love them both.


  1. Very cute! Love how you did your sis in law's!

  2. All very cute. And I love the stickers!

  3. Oh, I love these! The foldable is a great idea to show off lots of pictures.

  4. Is there any way to get the printable? Minus the name and date. Would be really pretty in a frame.

  5. That is so cute! How hard or easy was that to do? I would love to learn to make that.