may the force be with you....right?

September 14, 2010

so, i was asked to make some
toppers and favor tags for a star wars party.
now, back in the day, i loved star wars!
but now there is all this new star wars stuff
that i had no idea about!
(i think by looking back over my previous
parties, you can tell we are pretty
princess obsessed around here)
 so anyway, this was a great learning
experience for me... guess this is what
is in store for me in about 5 years.

i thought adding the star paper background on some
looked cute... umm... i mean boyish and cool!

if you have a boy who loves light sabers 
and ..... hmmm.... stars.... ???
(guess i need to do a little more research)
then visit my etsy store for these goodies!

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  1. Very cute! We live Star Wars around her with 4 & 6 yr old boys...strange as they've never watched it or the cartoons...boys just LOVE it.
    Great job on the party goodies!